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We have various of classes to choose from. If you are a new client read more about our Special

Bookings are necessary for all classes. Class Fees to be confirmed at registration.

Class Rates

We offer the following different rates and packages, enquire at the studio for all detailed rates or send us an email :

  • Off peak rates
  • Discounted rates
  • Pensioner rates
  • Customized packages
  • ​​​​​No membership, pay month to month
  • ​​​​​Incentive

Trial Class

Book your trial class today. You won’t know the value of Pilates until you’ve tried it!

Orientation session

The Orientation class is essential before signing up for your Pilates session. This session includes:

  • Body Assessment
  • Explanation and demonstration of Pilates

Individual Equipment Class

One hour, One-on-one session

Joint Equipment Class

One hour session with 2 clients on a similar level

Group Equipment Class

One hour session with 3 – 4 clients on a similar level

Group Mat Class

One hour session for 6 – 8 clients with small apparatus and mat work

Stretching Classes

One hour session, stretching on equipment, offer individual, joint and group classes.

Pilates Ballet Barre/Fusion Class

A 45 minute class with 8-10 clients, dance Barre work combined with Pilates to music.

Pilates on Zoom

A 40 minute mat class with 1-4 clients.

Aerial Yogalates

A combination of Pilates and yoga exercises in a aerial swing. Includes stretching and strengthening exercises. A 50 minute class, maximum of four in a class.